I feel honored having won an 🏆 award for my pro-bono mentoring work at Femme Palette (femmepalette.com/mentors/valerie-nilsson)!

Customer testimonials

Morgan Mercer, CEO Vantage Point

Valerie’s skillset is expansive and she’s able to add value across the board. She has a sharp thought process spanning across go-to-market, new feature and product development, and how to align strategy to new feature and product development.

She’s able to bring creative ideas to the entire lifecycle of these areas – from new product launch to commercial availability of products. Specific areas Valerie and I have worked on together include structure around new feature development to align new feature ideas to prioritization based on client use cases, and branding and go to market both from early stages to product maturity. Valerie comes with her own book of creative ideas for framing for all stakeholders, including client stakeholders and the public, with specific references for how these ideas can help to drive engagement and buy-in. I can’t speak to Valerie’s capabilities enough.

A lot of people will say they can add value in these areas, but Valerie is the real deal. One call with her will leave you with an entire notebook of new ideas and creative solutions, while still remaining focused enough for the ideas to be actionable.

If you need someone with a creative eye, who can understand the voice of the customer, and who has a comprehensive grasp on product development, look no further. Valerie has been a tremendous help and I would recommend her to any founder, team leader, or team at any stage of their journey. Definitely hire her, and if you have any doubts at all, book a call with her, and you’ll see for yourself.


Sonam Garrigan, Business Manager SThree

I think Valerie is an incredible mentor, leader and person. She really took the time to get to know me and connect with me which I think is a key reason our mentoring sessions were so successful. I feel that Valerie has really added value to me and my personal development. I have learnt a lot from her and will continue to implement the techniques she taught me.

Brenna Doehring, Snr Executive Consultant, Computer Futures

Thank you so much for your time and insights Valerie! I truly appreciate your calm demeanor and ability to help me navigate a stressful time in life. You are great at what you do, and your mentees are lucky to have you!