I feel honored having won an 🏆 award for my pro-bono mentoring work at Femme Palette (femmepalette.com/mentors/valerie-nilsson)!

Bridging the gap between tech and anthropology.

Understanding how technology shapes us and using anthropology to design better tech for all.

Google grad, growth catalyst

For over 13 years, I honed my acumen in diverse roles at Google. I launched BI tools, built GTM strategies, and mastered the art of digital marketing.

Startup sensei: unleash your business beast

Now I'm sharing the loot, more than just a strategist, I'm a startup sherpa. I'll be your cheerleader and your secret weapon.

Human Aspect

I'm all about using anthropology to navigate the human side of the tech revolution, and design anthropology helping create human connection in tech and AI.  

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